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For those of you who hail from the NorCal area, a little help please. I have a biz trip coming up in San Fran the 1st week in December & then want to rent a bike & ride the PCH for a few days which I've never done. Figured I go as far south as Santa Barbara & back in 3 days. I have no intention to see everything. Mainly want to ride with some stops along the way at one of the Redwood parks, Laguna Seca, Monterey/Carmel area & Santa Barbara.

I know it's your rainy season, but being from the northeast, I think I can handle it. I was thinking I'd rent something like a BMW R1200RT or equal.

- Who would you recommend is best to rent from?
- Any places you'd recommend as must see?

All input is welcome. Thanks!
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