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Alvin, ....once`again many thanks for facilitating the dotnet get together in Half Moon Bay... very cool experience with the Rock Star parking treatment etc, as Gary said...

Shades of 'Spinal Tap'! ...we're with the band....! Gotta say it's so fantastic and rare that you get together with a group of guys with ONE apparent shared interest and you rarely, talk about the one apparent thing you have in common.... most of the conversations I had didn't involve MV's...or even bikes... fantastic I say!

I was on a BMW forum for a while and I gotta say, they were a bunch of knuckle-draggin' morons.... always reminded me of the joke... BMW drivers and Porcupines...what's the difference? In BMW's the Pricks are on the inside....

What is it with the MV guys? Very smart, very cool, very fun... self deprecating! Gregg and I had a lovely experience on the way to 'San Jose'(!!??)... we met an Autistic kid at a Starbucks and he was raving about our Senna's.... we chatted for a while and he asked if he could hear the motor... I fired it up, (thankful that I had the Slash tip pipes, Drama doncha know!) and offered to let him Rev it Up! .........didn't realise the motor could survive a run to 17,000RPM!! But, it did and the kid was ecstatic.....

Here's a point. MV better get their stuff together and come up with a really special new model. Otherwise they'll loose the core base group that their bikes have generated....

No more just phoning it in with paint jobs, trick materials, watches and jackets. I already have a watch and a jacket....!

I want a trick MV. 200hp, traction control, 400lbs, pressurized Ohlins, ttx shock, slipper clutch, narrower and even MORE beautiful......... oh and a price under $40k

Thanks Alvin
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