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Hello MV Agusta Members!

I am new to your forum and just adopted a 1960 MV Chicco Scooter. It was imported to the states by Cosmopolitan Motors and appears to be completely original. I bought it from the Petersen Museum here in Los Angeles and got it running but it needs new crank seals and a new gas tank tub fabricated as there was gas left in it that smells like it was also from the 60’s!

I intended to restore it and trying to decide whether to paint or leave it’s patina paint. It’s pretty unusual looking with its big Beluga nose for a scooter and I love that it is a two stroke.

If there is anyone out there that knows anything about these please reach out as I would love to see some others, I don’t see a section for these.

I am in Los Angeles and also restoring a 1963 Vespa, as well as some other classic bikes. I love two wheels with motor and enjoy riding them all over the world. Former classic racer, not afraid to get dirty and love bringing motos back to life. Never thought it would be a little scooter, as I love the bigger brothers, but it found me.
I look forward to meeting some of you!

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Welcome to the family !!! What a great find you have. The section for your little MV is "Classic".
There are some European clubs with on-line libraries of owner and part manuals avaiable. I haven't looked for the model you have, but the books may be there. Links below.
As for oil seals and bearings, MV used and uses readily available sizes. You would need to get the dimensions and then go on a search. Try these guys, they had everything I needed for a 1959 125 TRE:

Here's the club links:
MV Owners Club of Great Britain
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