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Hi all,
I am new here so first of all hi. I got a beautiful mv agusta f4 1000r from 2006. But i have a slight problem with it. One of the orginial beru went bad and damaged the ecu. I repaired the ecu and replaced the beru (cilinder 1) with a new ignition coil. For preventive maintenance i replaced the other 3 orginal berus with the same new ignition coil (its a different ignition coil then the orginial beru, photo of the new ignition coil) as that one in cilinder 1.
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We fired it up and it shuts off right away. We could only keep it running when under gas but the moment you let go of the gas it shut off. We sprayed some liquid over the exhaust and the vaper stayed on cilinder 2 and 4 so maybe the firing order is wrong. Does this problem sound familair to anybody? And does somebody know the solution? Or what the orginial firing order of the cilinder should be?

Thanks in advance,

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The ignition system is, that
cylinder 1 and 4 ignite in parallel,
and cylinder 2 and 3 ignite in parallel.
See below,
13 = cyl. 1
14 = cyl. 2
15 = cyl. 3
16 = cyl. 4
B = Blue
R = Red
Gy = Grey
Bk = Black
G = Green

You should check this first.

View attachment 500180
Thanks will do / let you know if thats the problem, do you know what bougie should be in the f4 and if iridium bougies are fine or not? And what the top of the bougie that goes in to the ignition coil should look like? with thread or a bulb head?

Thanks in advance

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... I guess bougie is spark plug?
If so, my recommendation is to use NGK CR9 EB,
but others might recommend other spark plugs.
I have tried all ( ! ) alternatives,
even the Champions, plus Iridium etc etc,
and I always come back to the NGK standard,
they make less problems.

Use the spark plugs with the bulb head.
View attachment 500181
I meant spark plugs,
The photo down below from left to right are my options the first one has the best connection to the ignition coils, the other 2 dont go in to the spring thats inside the ignition and push it more then go in it. Is that a big problem?
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I use all of my spark plugs with the cap,
and the connection to the plugs is perfect.
With the standard coil plugs, the connection is always good.
You should check the safe connection between connector and spark plug
when the spark plug is out of the engine.
Will do thanks and if the cr9eb doenst work could a cr9e work? If that gives better fitment?

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Glad Manfred has you sorted..... Spark plug tip that goes into the coil can vary depending on the coil. Stock MV Agusta coils require the "bulb", screwed on cap.
Other brands of coils may require just the threaded post. I do not know what the Fiat coils require, but obviously you have figured it out.

I am not sure your bike has the coils firing in pairs.... That is found on the earlier models that used the Marelli 1.6M ECU. It also fires the fuel injectors in pairs.
I believe your bike has the 5SM ECU which fires coils individually (and injectors). Does your ECU have 2 large wiring plugs or a single plug?
I have photos of the ecu
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