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Thanks for all the kind messages welcoming me to the forum, even those from F4's with implicit and explicit invitations to switch party loyalties.

As for the bike, I love it more and more as each day passes and I become more attuned to its behavior. I feel 95% comfortable -- just slow stuff, like U-turns (but that will come).

I took my new best friend up Angeles Crest yesterday. Her maiden voyage on what will likely be a "routine," but anything but routine, exercise. And, I learned a great deal about her during that ride.

Aside from the fact that it was THE most enjoyable ride I have EVER experienced (and I'm not one for hyperbole), I was comforted by the realization that any minor throttle issue -- for me, on this bike, anyway -- is limited to attempts to maintain a steady speed in the 40-75 mph range. For me, the minor annoyance only plays a role when I commute (8 miles of highway each day). If I try to maintain 75 mph, no matter how still my hand, the bike travels between 73 and 76.

But, when in the twisties, the bike quickly responds to each command, throttle, brakes, etc., with perfect accuracy. I could not detect any throttle issue in the canyons, I think, because I'm almost always making adjustments, large and small, as I weave through turns with great ease.

In short, I transitioned from a typical 600cc machine, requiring innumerable gear changes, to a much smoother, and enjoyable ride, with nearly 1/3 of the work (broad power band), and 3x the smiles.

I've attached a photo of the bike, standing proudly at Newcomb's Ranch, with another hand-made Italian machine that you will also recognize.

So, essentially, problem solved, Brutale loyalist born.

-- TRS


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