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Here's an odd one - unless they all do it ?

Couldn't get the neutral light on the other day (definately not in gear) and couldn't get it started even with the clutch in and side stand up.

All of a sudden the neutral light appeared and everything was ok again.
I had noticed however that the fans came on - engine was cold.

Tried to figure out the fault today and found the clutch switch not working which is obviously why it wouldn't start when it thought it was in gear.


Kill switch on (no start possible)
Ignition on
select a gear, fans come on, neutral light goes dim.
select neutral, fans go off, neutral light bright.

Kill switch off (start possible)
select a gear, no fans, neutral light bright

After switching the kill switch, the fans never come back on again as above when you select a gear even with the kill switch off again.

If I then switch the ignition off and back on, it is all as above again ?
This is all with a cold engine and not started - just the ignition.

I can understand I probably have a faulty neutral switch or wiring but why do the fans come on, or do they all do that - probably haven't noticed before ?

Can someone try it on a 1000S ?

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