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Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of repainting a damaged rear wheel from a tire shop install (yes I know I'm singing a broken record). I had an initial place say they could match the wheel and let them handle it. They stripped it, then sprayed with hyper silver and didn't bother looking up a paint code. Then I later find that they powder coated it instead of painted it. After showing them their shoddy work, I went back to a reputable shop that uses a fantastic paint guy to do a lot of their work.

The paint guy insists that the wheels are indeed powder coated from the factory (he could tell by looking at the brutale wheel) and that they must be powder coated and that painting wheels simply does not happen very often in factory wheels and he has NEVER seen a painted motorcycle wheel.

I have to ask the forum here, what is the right answer? Are these wheels painted from the factory? If so, what are the paint codes? I have only this from the FAQ:

F4 1000 Red/Silver:
Fairings: F4 AGO Red Painting (Code PPG ITP 473101)
F4 AGO Silver Painting (Code Palinal 928XV025)
Wheels: Alu grey Sebino 35204189 & Clear Sebino 35209052
Frame: MV Brutale Metal Anthracite Grey Painting (Code Palinal 211XH893)
Misc: Mirror supports: Metal Bronze Painting (Code Palinal 211E144)
Electrical Covers: Black Painting - CRC 1951-6 (Code Palinal 211E357)

Attached are pictures of the wheel that I gave them to match (off my brutale) and the next picture is what they said is the best matching POWDER coat they have (even though I asked that they be made exact, whether that be painting or whatever).

Pic1: Brutale wheel with tire, used to give them to match paint with paint codes listed above
Pic2: Wheel for F4 that I got back that has blue hue to it in same lighting in same position
Pic3: Close-up of rim for F4 that I got back that looked good, but doesnt look like Pic4 where powder is screwed up
Pic4: Close up of reason i took the wheel back to be redone.

Any insight or possible painters in the Raleigh NC Area would be awesome.



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My 05 silver wheels came painted. Hope this helps.
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