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Went to my monthly Italian motorcycle club gathering last night. Great weather. A few brews. Good food. Great bikes...

Anyway ... went to leave on my Rivale, put in the key. It won't turn. WTF??!! Is the bar locked left or right? Nope. Is the cylinder pushed in and turned all the way to the left? Nope. Kickstand? Nope. Steering head lock? Nope.

Then WTF??!!

Four of us spent 10 minutes on it. Put the key in one way. Won't turn. Reverse it and put it in the other way. Won't turn. Won't budge.

Just as we were about to give up and go get my truck and bike carrier to haul it home, I grab the black ring of the ignition lock cylinder (not the internal key cylinder) with my hand and manage to turn it clockwise about 3/8". And BAM! The key turns.

So, I guess there's a collar under the ignition cylinder that is loose and when I turned off the bike and turned the key counterclockwise, it moved the whole ignition cylinder as well. And somehow, when the ignition cylinder was moved in that way, the inside key cylinder won't budge. Weird.

Anyway, I got it started and rode home last night. Will get the key guard off this weekend and tighten up that collar. If I find something else, I'll report back. Just thought I'd pass it on.
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