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My Dragster has just had its first service. I collected it from the Dealers in a van.

Having got it home, I checked it over and found that the engine oil level was over the Max mark on the dipstick. I have always checked the oil level after every ride (bike parked in exactly the same place in the garage (upright, on level ground, engine cold etc)) and before the service was carried out, the oil level was always spot on the Max mark. The bike showed evidence of being ridden, whilst at the Dealers.

I have drained out approximately 300ml (I spilt some on the floor, so not totally sure :rolleyes:) to get the level back down to the Max mark on the dipstick.

I have a some questions;

1) Would the Dealer overfill for a reason or have they f****d up in some way?
2) Is Motul 7100 4T 5W40 engine oil red in colour and very fluid (thin oil as apposed to thick)?
3) If they dropped the engine oil out, changed the oil filter and then filled up with MV's recommend amount of oil; without running the bike, would the oil level show higher than the full mark on the dipstick?
4) How much engine oil should the MY19 Dragster hold (I have looked through all the manuals that came with the bike (both hard copies and electronic) and I cannot see it anywhere)?

On another note; whilst at the Dealers they changed an 'O' ring where there was a slight fluid leak on the cylinder head. As this was warranty work, at no charge, should I ask for an invoice to show that the work has been carried out (I was thinking that I would have some evidence, if things went wrong in the future)?
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