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I didn't write this up......

So, imagine this:
After 10 days of competing in her very first Dakar Rally -
having completed a total of 6 666 kilometres -
of which she's raced 4 263kms -
and with only 2 days and 1 173 kilometres to go to the finish - AND having just stepped into the Top 50 in the Motorcycle Category (there are still 100 bikers competing) -
AND lying third in the Ladies Bikes Category -
AND being in the Top 10 in the Rookies Category -
AND getting to the halfway mark of the Marathon Stage where she had to work on her own bike with only the tools and parts that she has carried (raced with) the whole day for 600 kilometres -
DISASTER as Taye Perry apparently fell at 206km (they had to complete a total of 744kms for the day) and could not get her bike going again...
This little lady (she is only 1.58m short, that's 5' 2") then spent hours in the desert (this section of the desert is called the Empty Quarter, a vast expanse almost as big as France, boasts long, unbroken successions of dunes) trying to fix her bike.
Just imagine - all the bikes, cars and trucks passing her... with only so much to eat and drink... a girl working on her bike in the desert...and it is getting dark...
Eventually a car team, vehicle #389 with Spaniard Pablo Martinez and the Argentine, Facundo Jaton, came to her rescue and towed her for hundreds of kilometres (it is not easy being towed by a car...).
They towed her for the rest of the distance through the desert and to where they are allowed to do so from where she then pushed her bike to the finish and to her team...
After 18 hours - that is a day and a half! - on her bike and trying to fix it or being towed on it - she was 'home' and she had only 2 hours to 'rest' in her little tent (and for the mechanics to fix her bike) before lining up for the last day of her Dakar Rally...
And she has made it today. Taye finished the 2020 Dakar Rally in 77th place in the Motorcycle Category (there were 93 finishers this year from 144 that started).
Taye, I've known you for many years and you've always shown grit and determination, but this will stand out for me for many, many years to come.
I know about your struggle to get to the Dakar Rally - and almost all the other races you so love to compete in - and I will even more do whatever I can to support and assist you as I am blown away by your never-giving-up attitude and will to finish.
You are a hero in my eyes and I hope you receive a hero's welcome back.

(Edit: From Taye Perry's Instagram account: her Stage 11 story -


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Yeah sounds like a 'normal' dakar to me.
Troubles, yet never give up

A dutch truck team had a broken differential. Which made them only have 2 wheel drive. Which obviously will never make a truck go over dunes.

They broke their diff, worked through day and night.
Finished the stage of previous day, immediatly had to start 'todays' stage. After completing that stage, they had the 2 day marathon stage.

Imagine fighting with a truck for 2 days straight, and working on your truck inbetween aswell.
With zero to no sleep

Thats why I love watching dakar.
And always makes me feel like: wow...already 2 weeks has passed since new year. Time flies.

RIP to those who lost their lives doing what they loved doing.
One biker is now in critical condition, no hearthbeat for several minutes and broken neck.
They brought him back to live and is in severe critical condition.
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