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Well on July 3rd I did my first trackday on the MV.

A couple of key points.

1: first time at Summit Point
2: first time on the track with the MV
3: had just under 200 miles seat time on the MV

With that said, I managed to have an okay time. It was about 85-90 degrees out and the tires were protesting Big time. It was hard to get confident on the bike because of all the movement coming from the front Pilot Power. I was scared to death to tip it in while on the brakes so my corner entry speeds were horrible the whole day.

The bike felt good power wise and it has a nice spread of power. Tire wear on the rear tire was consistent. The suspension that I once thought was too stiff felt right at home on the track.

The excess weight of the bike was noticeable on left to right transitions and it really felt like it was overworking the front end on corners that enphasized the front end.

I didn't bother to try and gather laptimes because I was well off of the pace. But what I did was pick out a couple of sections of the track that I was confortable with and push a bit here and there to analize the characteristics of the bike.

When the Pilot Powers got greasy I felt the front trying to push and tuck. I don't think this bike would be very confidence inspiring on worn tires. Some front end tweaking is needed.

THIS BIKE TELLS YOU EVERYTHING THE FRONT END IS DOING!!!!!! For some riders it's a good thing. But for me, "Ignorance is bliss". My 999 covers up my mistakes and fakes an orgasm. She makes me think I'm the best lover (er, rider) even though I'm really not. For example, if I chop the throttle on the duc (which is bad technique mind you) the Ohlins soaks it up and it's less abrupt. If I chop it on the MV, the bike feels like it's gonna tuck. This bike takes no Bull$hit!!! You better know what you are doing.

I've finally gotten used to the brakes on the MV. They aren't radial but they still provided adequate feel (probably due to the beefy forks) and the stopping distance was acceptable although a pair of EBC HH pads wouldn't hurt.

I think a set of Power Race tires in Medium Compound to better deal with the hot summer heat would be the move for this bike and it will be THAT much better. I rate this bike about an 9.0 total.

Braking 8
Power 10
flickability 9
stability at full lean 7
fun factor 8
quality 10
ergos for track 10
ergos for street 8
fuel economy 10

Total Avg. 8.8

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Thanks for the writeup - it's good to get some other perspectives from time to time. I'm sure this could devolve quickly into a tire discussion (oh, no... did I say that out loud?)... but I'm curious to see if you have similar experiences on Pilot Powers on your Duc, or if you feel the front end makes all the difference?

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interesting comments. we don't have the same opinions about several things, but i think tire choice and the track may have a lot to do with it.

and the bikes we have as reference. you: 999, me: R6.

i'd like to see what you think after you fit some race rubber to the mv.


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Have you tried Pirelli Super Corsa Pros ??? if not you should consider them from my perspective they are very sympathetic to the handling traits of the 1000, also worth considering is raising the rear ride height, this will achieve easier turn in / change of direction (however puts more weight on the front)
I spent half a day at the track with a suspension technician (who is now working for a team in thew AMA championship) setting my bike up and coupled with the Super corsas feel its a terrific balance for track and road riding.
cheers.......... :eek:

ps another gratuitous knee down shot :naughty: :naughty:


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