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I picked up my new Brutale 910S from Reading, UK yesterday afternoon and set off on my trip to Barcelona, Spain. It's hard to keep the revs down when you've got so far to go but I just about managed. It took just under 20 hours for the 1500 k with regular stops for fuel and to warm up my fingers with the hand drier. :freezing:

The seat is very uncomfortable - not helped by the touring clothes (which also made it very slippy) but I'll be looking for to change it soon. The suspension is probably set too hard for normal roads - getting slapped in an already sore arse after 1000 miles every time you go over a bridge isn't nice. :spank:

Otherwise everything seems great. I tested the fuel range when the next fuel stop was another 20 k further than promised but managed 210 k with about a litre left - helped by sitting behind a truck at 90 kph for 20 k. I rode throughout the night and the light is fine although I had to slow down for mountain roads when traffic coming the other way prevented the use of the full beam.

The tank already has a few marks from my trousers so a tank pad will be required. Mirrors only useful for a vague idea of what's behind unless you're a big fan of NYPD type camera work.

I just need to get the first service done next week and then gradually build up the revs to find out what the engine is really capable of. I think it'll be perfect for the mountain and coast roads of Spain and my girl even has a place to sit on this one. I'll probably buy the Ventura luggage system for trips away during the Summer (the roads get choked with tourists so a bike saves hours) as my girl needs plenty of stuff but will remove the brackets when not in use.

The lack of wind protection should help me keep the top speeds down (I go too fast on the F4 regularly finding myself over 200 kph :f4: ) - I was cruising aroung 150 with a max of about 180.

So, seat, mirrors, luggage, tank pad - any other suggestions?

Pictures in my registry entry when I get around to it but I usually prefer to ride them.



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congrats, alex
how wonderful for you

what a trip home !!!!!
most excellent

YES.... the seat leaves something to be desired the way of comfort.... to say THE VERY LEAST :jsm:
emoto is supposedly.... I SURELY HOPE still going to have those GEL seat replacements for the Brutale

i thought they would already have them
i hope that they'll see this post and let us know what's up

they've been spending their time getting their 1098-based business going (to be expected)

help is (HOPEFULLY) around the corner

again..... congrats

how about some pictures
a more lengthy RIDE REPORT about your long trip home.... when your fingers are up for it.... would be great

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Wow, what a great first ride. Congratulations. Have fun. I also hope E-Moto comes through on the gel seat.
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