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Competition Werkes would like to make fender eliminator kits for the full MV sport/naked lineup. I emailed them asking for specs of all current kits because I have one on my SV650 and it looks infinitely better than all the tail "tidy" options I can find on the market for MV's. My plan was to purchase something meant for another bike and then do some light modifying to fit it to my Brutale 750. Sean from CW got back to me expressing their interest in designing products for our bikes and that they're currently in need of MV's that they can prototype from. I'd volunteer but I'm in LA, and they are based near Roseburg, Oregon. In the meantime, I'm sending him some photos of ideas of mounting points on my Brutale.

He said he's got a sprinter and is willing to travel anywhere he's able to go and return in one day.

If you haven't seen their kits before, check some of them out. Here's a link to a Streetfighter for an example:

If anyone is interested and in that locale, post on here with your specific location, year, make, and model, so we can get a good list for him to work from

*** I am not affiliated in any way with Competition Werkes outside of owning one of their products and liking its design. I'm merely passing this word along because frankly, I'd like to see a kit produced for my bike that I can buy.
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