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I just got done completely reading **** Walker's "MV Agusta Fours, Complete Story", and thought I would share some of the facts that stuck out or that I didn't know. Hope you enjoy :)

FYI, If some of the facts are wrong, just let me know but I am pretty sure there correct but what do I know?

What does “MV Agusta” mean?
M = Meccanica “Mechanical”
V = Verghera “Verghera, Italy” Site of Manufacturing for MV 98
Agusta = Family Name

Agusta : Got it’s start with Giovanni Agusta in aviation. Renowned aviation expert.

The Agusta Family:
Owner Giovanni Agusta – Deceased 1927
Wife Giuseppina Turetta Agusta - Deceased
Son Count Domenico – Deceased 1971
Son Mario – Deceased 1969
Son Vincenzo - Deceased
Son Corrado Still Alive

Birth of MV Agusta Motorcycles: 2-12-1945
“MV 98” A 98cc two-stroke – two speed – foot operated gearbox – rigid frame

What is the MV logo = Gear gog with MV in the middle Agusta on the top

MV’s racing heritage:
75 World Championships (riders & manufactures)
270 Grand Prix victories
3,027 international race wins

What classes did MV race in: 125cc, 250cc, 350cc, & 500cc

Final Grand Prix victory was in 1976

Who rode the MV’s to all those victories?
Just a few: Agostini, Hailwood Surtees, & Reed.

The MV Agusta “name” was purchased in the 1980’s by Cagiva the same company that owned/purchased Ducati.

What does “Cagiva” mean?
CA = Castiglioni (last name of the current owners)
GI = Giovanni (father of the present owners, Claudio and Gianfranco Castiglioni)
VA – Varese, Italy (location of the current manufacturing site)

The Varese, Italy plant was purchased by Cagiva in 1978 after Harley Davidson had closed its doors in Italy. The AMF Harley Davidson brand was manufactured in this plant.

What is the Cagiva logo = Elephant – stamped on the cylinder heads of the MV F4S 750

How did the MV F4 come about?
Discussions started between Claudio (Cagiva Owner), Massimo Tamburini (renowned designer of the Ducati 916), and intervention from Piero Ferrari, son of Enzo Ferrari.

Who developed the F4 engine?
This was a joint venture between Cagiva Research Center and Ferrari. It was accidentally released to the media in 1993 at a Ferrari press conference! After that press conference both Claudio and Piero admitted they had test ridden the machine. The engine is similar to half a Ferrari V8.

Cagiva fell on financial hardships haltering the development of the MV F4. In all likely hood this bike would have been for sale in 1994.

Did you know that when Cagiva was developing the F4 prototype it was badged as a Cagiva?

Cagiva sold Ducati during the prototype development for the F4 and that allowed this machine to be called an MV Agusta instead of possibly a Ducati, or simply a Cagiva badge.

When was the first Cagiva manufactured MV Agusta launched?
1998 it was called, “F4 Serie Oro” Only 300 were made.
As stated before can you imagine if it was actually launched in 1994! That is four years and it still took the motorcycle world by storm!

What Does “CRC” mean?
Cagiva Research Center

Who runs CRC?
Massimo Tamburini – Bimoto founder and designer of the Ducati 916.

Pictures of MV Logo, Giovanni Agusta, & Cagiva Logos


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that's some good stuff! thanks for putting that together.

other tidbits:
massimo tamburini designed the F4 from a hospital bed! while in the hospital to have a tumor removed from his stomach, MT hurridly put the notes together for the F4.

andrea goggi, the team leader for the engine design, developed the motor using the suzuki 750 as a "baseline". his objective was to make significant improvements to the 'zuk engine. from the beginning, the motor was laid out with a big displacement option, which later became the 1000cc version.

additionally, andrea states that the contributions of ferrari were not implemented in the F4. for example, ferrari suggested reversing the intake/exhaust ports on the motor (exhaust out the back), but this design was rejected as it wouldn't fit in the chasis well. another rejected design was a parallel-twin configuration.


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style_one said:
that ferrari rumor bash may hurt some people feelings. but what of the "F" in F4 then??? :blah:
well, i don't know if i'd call it a rumor. i got this information from the 1999 issue of Roadracing World, which had the review of the Serie Oro 750. john ulrich (who did the review) was quoting his converstions with andrea goggi.

it was andrea that said it.


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style_one said:
that ferrari rumor bash may hurt some people feelings. but what of the "F" in F4 then??? :blah:

There has been a lot written about the Ferrari link but even more assumption and rumour :laughing:

The collaboration started and designs shared. Eventually the only thing Goggi actually included with any sort of Ferrari link were the radial valves. Lots of info on yahoogroups about this.
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