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I have a number of used bare F3, F4, Dragster(Like new), SuperVeloce and Brutale gas tanks for sale some have cosmetic damage but no visible swelling. They have all been in dry storage for a long period. I have more detailed pics All prices are OBO plus shipping via UPS.

International shipping may be cost prohibitive and in some cases as much as the item itself so please keep this in mind if you ask for shipping costs.

Located north of Atlanta in Cumming GA USA

- 1090 Brutale. Has a few light marks from general use and a small paint chip on upper front right hand side. $349
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior
Art Personal protective equipment Electric blue Automotive design Carmine

- SuperVeloce removed from damaged bike with less than 50miles. Left side rash $329 ( also have some matching fairing parts)
Hood Musical instrument Blue Luggage and bags Sleeve
Hood Automotive tire Azure Art Tints and shades

- F3 White scuff on upper left side $329
Light Audio equipment Gadget Peripheral Electric blue
Dishware Art Insect Serveware Ceramic

- Dragster in mint condition no damage $799
Blue Fluid Gas Font Electric blue
Hood Automotive lighting Sports gear Sleeve Automotive design

- F4 White damage to upper front left side $329
Sports equipment Blue Sports gear Helmet Input device
Liquid Dishware Hood Art Electric blue

email: [email protected]
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