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As the MV Agusta Moto2 venture is already taking strange turns with Forward Racing being (once again) alleged of having used improper means in the form of copycatting the KALEX fairings, I fear that this undertaking can end very soon.

I went for the Isle of Man TT two weeks ago. While I still hope that the F4 will not transform into an Italian Kawasaki H2, but stay a real superbike (not necessarily WSBK compliant) and while the new B4 still has a still impressive 1000cc engine that could serve as basis for a factory backed competition bike, I thought that MV should go Road Racing.

I have no clue what it would cost and if the F4 could serve as a compeitive base model.

But seeing all the references to MV's glory past on the IOM, it seemed fitting for me.

What are your thoughts?
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