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pigiolino said:
What about my club??
Turin 17th March. 06:

first of all I wish to sincerely thank all our
Members for the enthusiasm and affection shown for our recently
established club.
We are about to reach 1000 members and this confirms the success
of this project centred on communication and aggregation. Given
the results achieved, for the 2006 season we have decided to increase
human and financial resources in order to improve service and
multiply the opportunities of getting together.
The first appointment for the year 2006 will be in Tuscany from
29th April to 1st May. Factory Club has planned an itinerary ranging from the coasts of the Etruscans to the hills of the Valle del Diavolo (literally Devil’s Valley). It is a fascinating three day multi-leg event where history, art and enogastronomy contribute to creating an environment which allows members to get to know each other and which offers great driving pleasure.
On 4th June we will go back to the Misano racing track to relive last year’s experience, for the better. The programme foresees free practice, regularity contests, old timer show, entertainment and the presentation of the new version of F41000 to members only….

Another meeting with the co-participation of Factory Club is the 13th MV Agusta
Revival and 7th F4 and Brutale Rally organized by MV Agusta International Motor
Club on 17th and 18th June in Cascina Costa di Samarate (VA). The 2006 edition id
devoted to Gianfranco Bonera, the pilot who scored a memorable victory with his 4
cylinder MV Agusta 500 at the GP of Nations in 1974
Misano will not be the only opportunity to meet on the track in 2006. We will reiterate
the clockwatch challenge on 16th and 17th September in the famous Hockenheim ring
where, together with our friends from the MV Agusta Deutschland Club, we will
organise an event where famous past and present pilots will parade on one of the most famous racing tracks.
I hope this programme is going to meet with your approval. As you have been able to gather from what was said above, there will certainly be many opportunities to come together and to dwell on what is most dear to me: our passion for the MV Agusta Brand.

Claudio Castiglioni
President MV Agusta Factory Club

english temp available here: pdf

full doc in french:

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Has anyone heard any news on the US Club getting up and running?
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