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Hi Guys and Girls,

I am trying to pick your brains here, a problem started with the alarm on my bike last Friday. The alarm is an MV Agusta one (Code No: SPAFS002BF) and it was all working fine. I took the bike to have some new clipons fitted and after they were fitted, when I picked up the bike that evening, I realised that the alarm could not be armed at first. A beep every second was sounded after I pressed the "activate" button. Eventually, after a few attempts, the flashing lights came on indicating that the system is armed. After a while and for no apparent reason the alarm went off. It has never done that before and I had to resort to switching it off in order to stop it disturbing people over the course of the night. In the morning, I tried to arm the alarm but the system did not respond to the pressing of the button which arms the alarm. To do that, I had to turn the ignition key to the "On" position and then turn they key "Off", as if that action activated the reception of the alarm. After that, I was able to arm the system using the remote button. The alarm's light when armed flashes every 3 seconds (instead of 5 seconds, which is the normal operation).
The front mirrors are not fitted so no front indicators are connected either (Don't think this is related but I thought I'd mention it).
The bike is fitted with a new Lithium battery and the alarm was fitted since new (I presume).
Any thoughts will be appreciated.


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