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I am looking for a couple things and some information for my 250B project.
Period literature/reviews seem to point out the weak link of the 250B was the 30mm forks. too spindly for a 250.
I don't know who manufactured the stock forks. they look like Cerianis (bulbous around the axle), but the triple clamp is definitely not Ceriani.

fortunately/unfortunately, the forks that came with this project are nearly beyond repair (tubes are rusted solid, lowers look good). removing the snap rings and fork seals was a chore, and the internals are not pretty, but I think I can salvage/replace everything except the tubes.

I have a few options, but would like opinions.
1. rebuild the existing 30mm tubes. new tubes from forks by frank. I know that the new tubes will be more substantial than stock.maybe that resolves the problem with the factory front end.
2. replace the triples and tubes with 34mm marzocchis from a widecase ducati scrambler that I have lying around.
3. buy some 32mm dirt bike/ flat track cerianis and modify them to fit. not planning to spend a ton of cash, but staying away from the later aermacchi cerianis(with reflectors).
4. 1970's yamaha MX 125/175 32mm triple clamps and tubes seem to fit with minimal modifications. hub bearings/roller top tube roller bearings. turn some spacers to correct the travel/etc
5. maybe someone on the forum has a set of usable 30mm Ceriani 250B forks? this is my preferred option. I have many italian parts to trade, and have cash.
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