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I was contemplating for quite some time whether I should try to core the Brutale stock mufflers. The sound of my Arrows is great but the looks of the stock mufflers is just way better.

Anyway here is what happend during the surgery

shows the muffler on the band saw cutting the end piece parallel to the weld.

shows the open muffler.

Here came the first obstacle. I tired to pull the baffle but it moved only a hair in and out (would have been too simple if it came out that easy).
Looking at it for half an hour and cussing with my self and the muffler, it finally came to me that there must be another connection some where.

shows the bungs with the inside thread (already drilled out in the picture), on the back side of the muffler where the bracket attaches, which holds the top and lower muffler together.

The baffle is one piece (see picture 4) which is preassembled. During manufacturing they slide the baffle into the muffler tube and weld the bungs into the muffler tube. The tips of the bungs go into the 2 holes of the baffle and hold it.
Next step is to drill out the bungs.
With the two bungs drilled out the baffle can be pulled.
There is glass fiber wrapped around the whole baffle.

So there is no way to remove the baffle by just cutting the end piece.

shows the baffle with the two holes.

Due to the baffles being one piece there is no way to modify them.
So now I need to fabricate a new baffle, weld it to the endcap and weld the endcap back on the muffler tube.


It can be done but its a lot of fabricating involved.
Would I do it again - probably not, but the only way to find out is to try.

To be continued ......


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This is exactly what i have been thinking of doing ..hence trying to find out if a guy who's selling his 750 cans will fit my 910 so I can play around.... The last time I did this was on my V-Rod, I drilled four large holes in the end of each pipe and pain-stakinly pulled all of the wadding out with a homemade wire hook!! Messy!! But the result was pretty good lots more noise and they really did look pretty cool...
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