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I found this thread very helpful.
The switch seemed to fit best on the clutch lever master cylinder mounting bolt on the left clip-on on my 312R. Spliced into the fan relay black/white wire and cable tied a wire up to the switch with enough slack for handlebar movement. I then just ran a short wire from the switch to the same clutch lever master cylinder mounting bolt and also used it as the earth. Maybe not the best earth but it is simple and seems to work.
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I like simple too @312 Dan.
The switch has 3 wires.
One to earth.
One to power.
One to accessory.Easy.
It has a nice stainless steel bracket.
Good length on wiring harness.
Nice Blue LED around the button.
Best thing cost is around $18.00AUD.
I mounted mine on the Ducati off the L/H switch gear.Looks great.
With the fan switch you only need 2 wires.
One from the fan relay you splice into and the other wire to earth.Thats it.
The only reason for the 3 wire switch is to power the LED.
I always mount accessory switches in the middle or left on the bars so
I can keep my hand on the throttle.
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