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Well, best 2 hours I have ever spent!

Got a mate over for a tinker (he is a Ducati rider, but he is OK). We cleaned out the brake and clutch reservoirs, bled the suckers and voila.

Tip for all - have a look at your clutch reservoir - tends to get very dirty very quick!! Now bike stops with one finger on the front brake, feels a hoot, and the clutch has improved the gear shift by about 20% in feel and precision!!! (yes it makes that much of a difference!)

Next stop - front suspension. Did some basic sag testing, played around with the rebound and compression. Turns our everything was set around the max soft (I know, me silly). Wound it all off, and then wound out halfway to 6 clicks.

Rode today, and man am I faster!!

Cornering and stopping like a lunatic (a good lunatic)...almost feels like a new bike in many ways!!

If you have a spare 2 it and enjoy the cheap love in return!!
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