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I am trying to decide between a 2013 F4RR or a 2013 F3 Limted but having a tough time. The f4rr is actually about 3k less but in white, which isn't my favorite livery. the f3 limited is gorgeous.

Are there any major gotchas on the '13 f3 675?
was it a good bike overall?

was the f4rr in 2013 suffering from a throttle issue? did it get resolved?

I admit the 2 bikes lure me in different ways...
Having the ultimate litre MV with 200 horsies is tempting but my crazy rocket kid days are gone. I would love to have it just the same. the 4 exit exhaust is iconic.

the F3 in red/silver/gold and carbon is jaw dropping gorgeous, but coming from a duc 848 and ape 1000, will it leave me wanting more?

I have never ridden a tripe either.

Tough decisions.

both local and brand new bikes. Maybe i could get red/silver plastics for the F4RR afterwards? probably pretty costly i imagine.

I have wanted an MV all my life. now the choice is so difficult!


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There will be no more F3 Oros made.....
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