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2022 F3 Rosso
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Figured I'd finally get around to posting a pic up.....

So far had the intake trumpets modded, full MV Corse Ti header and SC Project Exhaust ( track version ) that got me up to 144 ATW.

A few tweaks to the OEM suspension, including revealing the front, and a linear link on the rear.
Brembo RCS Master Cylinder - that's one hell of an upgrade right there.

Next is head porting and higher compression - currently researching the Piston to Valve clearance to see if there is room to take some meat off the head.

Also looking at the AiM TFT Dash, and upgrading the ECU

View attachment 494108
Wow. 144 whp? That seems nuts (and quite fun). I was planning the high-mount SC Ti half system/link pipe (same muffler you have) with the MV race kit tune on mine right after break-in. I wasnt expecting more than 130-135 whp at most. Are the headers and stacks really worth that much? Does it have a full custom tune, or just kit tune? Did you dyno it w/o the headers first, by chance? Are you running pump fuel or good stuff?
Feel free to PM if you prefer... Thanks!
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