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I let my buddy borrow my Totally Worked 1133cc 2007 F4 1000R(pics on show bikes section=gen 1 red silver=ISR Front calipers)

He has been a track day enthusiast for a Decade or more but never had ridden an MV AGUSTA.
He has owned all the Japanese Superbikes, CBR1000RR, R1, GSXR 1000RR ZX10RR (2015 model) and the STUNNING Aprilia RSV1000R V-Twin which IMHO is one of the most beautifull bikes ever made.

His original opinion was that the MV F4 was a beautiful superbike but a Superbike that was just ….fair... not Good or outstanding in any performance aspect.
Last week he stops over my house . He has a ear to ear smile on his face like a kid on Christmas and says... Jake, that F4 is THE best handling Superbike I have EVER ridden. He goes on to say... its not the best around town bike going 25-30mph isn't its forte lol. But back road riding, highway riding it is a good bike. Out on the track its OUTSTANDING . My very first section I went out and beat my personal lap record by A HALF SECOND.

This F4 handles better than ANY of my Japanese Superbikes and the 1098 RSV Aprilia V-twin. I could hit EVERY apex tight around the entire track and do so every lap.
This F4 handles so well I am exiting the last corner before the main strait 10 mph faster than kids on new R1, Fireblades and Gixxers so by the end of the main strait I am doing the same trap speeds or they cant make up the difference to pass me into corner 1.

He is in love with MVs now. wait till he rides my F4RR/RC spec MV LOL.
I SAID.... YOU THINKING MV AGUSTAS ARE MORE SHOW THAN GO IS COMMON. IN REALITY, THEY ARE ,AND CONTINUE TO BE ONE OF THE BEST HANDING BIKES ON THE MARKET . ALSO... THERE POWER IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST IN CLASS. I continued saying... in WSBK before they started. I thought, The F4 is a 19 year old design so they will be DEAD last in power output AND as you and I have both read. Chassis engineers have stated that the power output of modern WSBK is TOO high for the steel trellis chassis. The result is a chassis either be too flexy or too stiff

SO when the F4RC was not only a good handler but the BEST handling bike in WSBK I wasn't just surprised , I was SHOCKED.
He says , Jake you always shoot strait but in this case your eyes are scewed by wishful thinking lets check it out ,I will look up videos on computer. TOO much power stressing the steel trellis chassis in WSBK is why Ducati went to the Monoque chassis...Well he finds Camier/F4RC in 2017malasia?(4th place) He sees the F4RC and says...YOUR RIGHT!! that F4 is holding tighter apexes than ANY of the other bikes.AND he can put the bike anywhere on the track. Wow how many chassis engineers who said the steel trellis chassis is dead have there foot in there mouth LOL.

Well.. we have a new MV fan. NOT because of looks but because of the top tier engineering , and the PERFORMANCE of the machine. My Buddy is a old school , track day veteran. Looks does not impress him. performance impresses him and he is VERY impressed
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