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Just spent 3 hours cleaning the F4. Method of choice, Eric Clapton, JJ Cale and the Rolling Stones (live) & all cranked up.

Tools of choice were kero (non corrosive so doesn't damage protective coatings), rags (soft cloth such as t-shirts) and detailing brushes from (brilliant detailing brushes in nylon & ss although they can add hours to the cleaning time 'cause you can get to all the hard/impossible to access places).

I try and clean the bike after each ride for a few reasons:
the feeling of having a well presented classic Italian bike is hard to beat
it's an easy way to find the little, sometimes not so little, things that need fixing. This time it was two loose screws holding the rear brake sensor on. It's also a good opportunity to clean and lube the chain allowing time for the lube to settle in before the next ride
it's theraputic (not necessarily everyones cup of tea)
each time I do a deatil clean I find something new such as the MV cog logo stamped on the engine in some hard to see location. Reminds me of the classic MVs with emmevi stamped on the exhaust or in the rubber footpegs This time I noticed the CRC on the inside of the spokes of the rear wheel

Mind, after having cleaned the bike a latte is in order

The Dude
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nice.... i should probably try to do cleaning more often....

though i think you have a typo in latte.... i write it as 'lager', myself....
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