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Yeah, that was a real LOL.

"The pedestrian-impact test lowered the Jeep’s rating, as did the difficulty of installing child seats. Euro NCAP also noted the lack of lane-keeping assist and automatic braking."

Translate: Pedestrians don't fair well when hit by a Wrangler, so don't walk out in front of one if you know what's good for you. If you don't have children in car seats, who gives a fuck. If you need lane-keeping assistance and/or automatic braking, you should be Ubering. Not driving >:)
As no-one else responded to this, and yet another of my posts was deleted, I will comment on this one.Car safety is designed for the lowest common denominator, and people's circumstances changing. If child seats are hard to fit, then it would be easy for a tired, lazy or incompotent adult to make a mistake. If one of these tanks ran into you, or you into it, and the child seats were to come loose, even though it was not your child, I suggest that you would very much regret that the manufacturer had not been more compliant with current safety standards. It would not be something you would ever forget.Ditto for pedestrians. A child chasing a ball or a pet, an inattentive cyclist, should not be in more danger because a vehicle manufacturer was too lax to meet current best practice. And if a technology is avaiable that will help prevent accidents and save lives, then it should be incorporated. Traction control anyone?


41 - 41 of 41 Posts