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Guys yesterday it was for me a fantastik day!!!I went to Mugello for Italian 2nd round c.i.v.(SPBK,SSTK,YAMAHA TROPHY,125 cc,ecc ecc).
I had seen near new BADOVINI's F4 R racing (it was a whilde car because he run in world champ),and silver-red LUCA SCASSA's F 4 R.Badovini was retired for physical problems after a crash in the wensday tests.But SCASSA.....Scassa was spectacular!!!!
In starting grid was 3th,after 1 round was 5th,but after 4 rounds was 1st!!!!!
With spectacular surpasses!!He fished 2nd behind Kawasaki,but guys what race what race!!!!
Go MV GO!!!!!
pics (excuse me but I have much PC problems and few pisc are upside-down.

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Yeah, i had seen that Scassa took second place :guitarist :guitarist
Go MV!!!!!! :smoking:
Thank you Pigio :)

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pigiolino said:
Guys,unfortunately Saturday I will go in Greece for work meeting for 1 week.
I hope to find an "internet point" for to tell with you.... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
And know Badovini's and Scassa's Silverstone round!!!
maybe one of the Britts could do it? :naughty:

have fun in Greece :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:
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