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It,s possible to make a 910R good..... get the cash ready ;)
After almost 3 years , i am there.Enjoying the twisty empty roads near my new place :)
For me in order of importance i changed a harsh and throttle difficult bike into a lovely ride.
Changed suspension , (fork rebuilt to my weight, same with rear damper (new spring) new sprocket (40t instead of 43) and chain.
Michelin Power pure (bike steers way better then on Pirelli.
Mv corse line , get rid of cat.
Slippery pegs gone and Gilles instead.

Pic is near my place at the vineyards. Tomorrow gone go look at the Pyrenees.


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sorry to post in an old thread , could you let me know where what I should look for as far as sprocket replacement for my 920 id love it to be less snatchy especially in first gear , ill try and find the gillies pegs you mention too . thanks <3

Makes the bike less snatchy. I love a smooth ride (how to say , I mean getting from the throtthle a carb feeling).

Works great

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Hi All,

I'm glad I found this old post. I'm the new owner of this bike...
First of all, here is the evidence that the bike is in good hands :)

I'm having serious issue's to set up this bike to my specific wishes.
So now I know what i have to do to make this bike a little "less smooth" :mouthwate New 43 thooth sprocket, and OEM rear spring
And a tip for the one's with the same bike ; the bridgestone s21 Evo tires are doing great on this bike.

Because this is what happend last week:
While pulling a wheelie, the rear spring was compressed that much, that my licence plate holder made friends with the rear tire
My licence plate holder was smacked up and cracked the nice carbon fiber wheel hugger.
You still see the spot where the tire hit the plate holder.

Think it's best for me to install the original rear spring.:wtf:
@ Greny, I lost your contact info, so if you are reading this could you please PM me your e-mail or phone number ? Thanx
Or if anybody else can help me with Greny's contact info... please do !

I like to know what you mean by :
" i changed a harsh and throttle difficult bike into a lovely ride."
"Mv corse line , get rid of cat. "
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