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im trying to work out whats going on here, re prices
Ive been given the ok from the wife to buy another bike
and so i am going to buy my other dream bike ducati mh900e
and i cant get over the prices.
IM wondering if anyone has done this or can explain to me what im missing here. Im from Australia, and the prices for that bike is 30,000(AUD)
and in the states (USA) you can get one with next to 0km for 10-12k
once converted into aus dollars thats about 14-16k
then plus sending it here, so add a couple of 1000s. it still works out to be sooooo much cheaper
even the mvs are sooooo much cheaper
has anyone hopefully from australia ever bought a bike overseas and sent it back here
can someone tell me is this do-able or am i missing something here
any help would be great
by the way this is the nicest forum site ever
i joined the ducati forum and they're not so nice

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I have sold bikes to customers in England, and its quite an ordeal to get it registered, packaged and shipped. Your best bet would be to visit your department of motor vehicles and ask about what you want to do.

There are ususally rather large tarriffs, hefty shipping costs (its gonna cost much more than $1000 US to package and ship to Australia, I would say at least 3 times that)and specific requirements to register and insure a foreign vehile that is not up to your countries exact standards. Its also difficult to get a dealer who is willing to sell out of thier area (or thier county!) as its really an industry respect issue, you are basically cutting your local dealers throat.

I would be willing to help you out with shipping and attaining a bike here in the US, but would need to know exactly what you need to make it work, ex.-registration, tariffis, shipping preferences, the whole enchilada.

Again, i have doen this before, If you are serious and want to ask me about it in further detail (i dont blame you if you do) feel free to PM me and we can talk.

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