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Hello,my name is Mitch.I have been making a redesigned hub for MV Agusta's since 2011.When I first decided to redesign the hub is when I went on a 2 day ride with two mates both on F4's.On the trip one bike suffered a rear bearing/hub failure and I thought this is not right and something has to be done.You can see the metal on the rim and riding the bike becomes very dangerious and gives the feeling of a flat rear tyre.



I removed the hub from my bike and gave it to my engineer across the road from me at work.He is an English Design Engineer and is very clever.I told him I need a hub that is strong and robust,he said leave it to me,also some ideas from Noel (theknurl) along the way were introduced,the rest is history.

Description- This is a redesigned hub to suit MV Agusta F4,Brutale and F3 models all years.
1. The hub is CNC machined and made from 7075 aircraft grade alloy billet.
2. The hub uses the original design needle roller bearing and seal on the drive side.
3. The wheel side uses twin deep groove ball bearings side by side which eliminates
the weak point in the original hub that uses a single/smaller bearing that is prone
to failure.

My Hub.JPG

4. The hub uses the original axle and an Oring is supplied to roll over the axle to sit against the wheel side bearings to add to protection from water ingress.
Oring size is 46mmx1mm.


5. The hub is pregreased and ready to fit with no additional parts required.
6. The solid design of the hub has been retained by not removing metal for cosmetic reasons.
7. The hub has been tested and proven on the race track and on the road with long distances recorded.
8. Great emphasis is placed on strict Quality control of each hub with a detailed and systematic
Quality check prior to despatch.
9. This hub was made with Safety as a high priority.
10. Bearings used are Japanese quality supplied by CBR Bearings.
11. This hub should be serviced as per MV Agusta's service maintainance
schedule stated in the owners manual.
12. Use a small smear of anti-sieze or waterproof grease on the axle and both
axle nut threads only.Tension all bolts/nuts to MV torque specs.
13. Never mix greases and only use quality High Temp bearing grease.
14. The last photo is a comparison of the wheel side bearing that MV used up to 2010
3810 on the right of the photo and the twin 6910 deep groove bearings I use in my hub
on the wheel side.







Price and Delivery-
The hub is $810.00AUD.
The hub can be posted anywhere in the world.Free post to buyers in Australia.
Contact me for Australia and New Zealand.
Alex at GP Racing for the USA (site sponsor)
Joe (gotojoe) for England/Europe(forum member)

Finally,I would just like to thank some people for their help along the way-
Noel,Donsy,Joe,Carl,Chuck,Alex,Charlie at CBR Bearings,Mick my engineer and everyone who has purchased a hub.
Please post any questions.I will be more than happy to answer them.


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Welcome to the forum!

Ok, that was a little joke. We all know who Mitchy is and how good his hubs are.

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good luck with your endeavor.....

Mitch's Bulletproof Hubs :yo::yo:

glad I could help you my friend :drummer:

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We've sold dozens of Mitch's Hubs worldwide... unsurpassed safety record. Thank you Mitch for meeting an unmet engineering need by redesigning the hubs and making them available to those who needed them. You will continue to be successful, because they work!
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