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Back today from the Intermot bike show in Cologne. Didn't realise it was literally a bike show. Nothing for sale. :jsm: I thought it would be like the British bike shows, but bigger. I don't really like shopping when I can't buy anything. ;)

MV weren't there either. No new bikes yet I suppose.

I buy Cycle World magazine from the states though and have seen advertised in it the Scorpion helmets that look interesting. Saw them irl for the first time, apparently their new helmet will be available in Europe from March. Looks like a good design to me.

My crash helmet has about 1 year left in it and I was thinking of getting an MV Corse Arai. Saw the one I want, in a display cabinet in a bike shop we happened upon, next to the hugger I might want. Display only. :bawling: I persuaded the shop to sell me the MV lanyard they had, so settled for that. Germany just don't seem to want to sell me things. I took pics of the MVs they had there though, which helped make my mind up on wheels when I've got the money. :naughty:

Ended last night with a trip to the FMX. A French lad managed a trick back flip and seemed to have landed it, but hadn't and crashed out, carried off on a stretcher sadly. Made me want to pop over to the US and see it there instead. Not that Travis will do the double again. :(

Ah well, roll on Valencia! :smoking:
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