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Hi All

I have a slightly different error to what I have found in search results, so thought I'd post a new thread.

Bike in neutral, side stand down. Occasionally, when I turn the key to the on position, the fuel pump primes, but does not shut off after the 3 second timeout. Ignition is on and engine is NOT running.

Now, I'd like to think that im fairly good at investigative work to try and figure some things out, at least from a logical point of view. So, if someone could help me out on my thought trail and correct or add where you think I'm going wrong.

First off, the fault is intermittent, but often enough to annoy me and want to address it. i still ride the bike with the warning as the fuel pump state is the same for when the engine is running. I basically start the bike as soon as the warning comes up so the pump isn't working for no reason.

Now, what could be the likely issue here:

1: Is my ECU somehow receiving a 'running engine' signal?
2: Is one or both of my relay switches stuck in an 'open' position?
3: Is my fuel pump faulty? Can it somehow ignore a signal, but still be powered?

I personally think it may be number 2, but wanted to check with you guys first. My understanding is that the relay is called a latch/power relay (Heard that they are one and the same). Edit: 2 separate relays of same type, working in unison

One time I had the issue while fuel was in reserve. Stopped at petrol station, filled her up, turned on and fault was not reported. I put it down to a coincidence as that hasn't been the case since.

Dragster RR 64 plate, UK

Let me know if you need any more info (Been a long while since I last posted!)


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If the Dragster follows the other 3 cylinder protocols, then there are four relays that surround the battery box. One of them is the fuel pump relay. You don't have a latch relay in that bike per se.

I would post a picture, but the forum is a PITA right now.

Download your manual if you haven't already and read about how the system works in the section that talks about fuel injection.

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Pump will not run without the relay closed. ECU closes the relay. Replace the relay (Think of it as a light switch and the ECU is your finger).
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