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12 years after disassembling the engine of my 175 CSTL I have been starting to reassemble it in the last few days. The first picture shows the engine, when I took the right crankcase - halve away in 2002. The next one shows the left crankcase - halve just before I put the crankshaft with a new main bearing in it.

Now I have stopped reasemling because I'm rather astonished because the main bearing on the left side of the crankshaft is not really thight on his place. It is still possible to push or slide the bearing on the Crankshaft.

Does anyone know, if this is quite normal? I'am afraid that I have to overhaul the Crankshaft. Even I just disasembled a CS engine and there it is just the same thing. It is also possible to move the crankshaft in its bearing on the left side. So I think it could be possible that the Italian engineers built their main bearing in this way.

I took some more pictures from the disassemble. If you're intrested, I will try to post them.




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