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I'm looking for information on a 175 CS, usually called a Disco Volante, although I've seen it called a Tipo America. Here's a picture from the Columbo book- the top bike:

And here's a picture from the Kohs collection auction- I read that this bike had a fiberglass tank:

My question is about the bodywork- all of the pictures I've seen from factory literature for 1953 and 1954 CS models show a bike with the big pontoon fenders, tool boxes, and the two tone red/silver paint on the gas tank- both the telescopic and Earles fork models.
Does any one have some information on the CS with no tool boxes, small fenders, and solid red tank?
What makes it more confusing is photos I've found that show this model with what appears to be a longer tank that is less rounded/humped at the back.
Here are those pictures:

The tank on the bike in the foreground looks to be longer and flatter than the Disco in the background.

This bike could be a 'custom' that's been duplicated a few times, or it could be a factory model- I'd like to know if MV actually produced the model with no tool boxes, small fenders, etc.
And, if it is a genuine factory model, does anyone know where there is one?


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Those are good looking bikes. My guess is these are custom jobs, styled after period home-grown production-based race bikes which were prepped simply by stripping the heavier (or bent) bits off a sporty road bike. Just a guess!

That last photo you posted is of two Kohs Collection bikes. The tank profile of the Earles fork one is easier to see in the other photo you posted of it. The bike was offered on ebay Italy before it went to the Kohs Collection.

Here's a few photos of similar machines pulled off the web (sorry for lack of attributions) for comparison, altho 2 of them do not have Disco tanks.


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