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I've owned this '06 'S' model for a few years, had my share of frustrations while sorting it out, "blinged" it out...and parked it.

Busy riding schedule year 'round, other mounts in the garage getting all the miles and attention, and the Brut's odo only reads 5K miles.

The planets all lined up today, that perfect California day when the weather is like a mistress caress, all is green, and mustard and poppies announce the Season, the air thick with scents of Jasmine and Cherry bloom. Swung a leg over the Italian, fired 'er up and let her show me fifty miles of Northern California Motorcycle Heaven.

How light and agile, muscular, this sled is! The 'Power Pures' velcro'd the tarmac, sweet growls punctuating every sentence, front wheel levitating every turn exit. Miniscule in every dimension, I admire the proportions and custom two-tone paint, dripping in glistening carbon fiber, a sensuous combination of form and malicious intent.

I'm in love again!
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