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Hi folks!

Has anyone fitted HIDs into their 1090rr? Specifically as it has a projector for the lowbeam

I did recently only to discover that overall the light performance is garbage compared to the stock halogen. With the HID bulb in, the pattern is quite scattered, with hot spots and beams of light clearly visible in the air in front of the headlight. The HIDs themselves are very bright - I've tested them in my car. I'm guessing the projector is just made for the specific size of the halogen.

I've tried adjusting the aim of the housing, but I can't satisfactorily light the road ahead. I'm going to have to switch back.

If anyone's interested in one (or two) give me a PM

Adding below because I couldn't find the info searching the forum before ordering my lights.
Brutale 1090rr lowbeam is H7
Brutale 1090rr highbeam is H7 with U-type bulb (H7U)
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