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Hey MV world ~ WOW !!!...was that fun or what !

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Hello everyone,

Been checking out the forum since 11/2013 when I acquired my 2010 F4 on a "SWEET DEAL !! (2600 miles for $9 racks !)...Been riding her back and forth to work, to the CA state line a few times ...u kno..."to get a feel for the 'ol gal"...Last week a friend of mine that's been riding 20+ yrs (rides a CBR954RR) and has been wanting me to ride with him for the last few yrs, while i was still learning to ride took me on a ride between NV & AZ so I could "stretch her legs out a bit" but probably see how big my cojones are...MAN !!!... did she blow my mind...I thought I had restricted but I don't know what to think anymore ? ! ! Then we went down into the Hoover Dam...where the "twisties"(fun) is and she was eating that up as well ! ..So many tourists admired our bikes. This was different than the "normal" everyone annoying the s#!t outta me and asking about her at the stop lights/parking lots...there was even a foreigner that knew what she was and he enjoyed looking at her!...I saw the G4 special on MV Augusta in July 13 and 1st fell in love with her when I saw her in IRobot (2004). Unfortunately, I don't have another "real" bike to compare her to...but loving MV right now !!
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welcome mate
hang around
ul love it
great family of peeps
Right on! If you ever find yourself in the SoCal (Ventura) area give a holler, I have a 2010 also :)
Congrats on the purchase. Yeah they do have a tendency to attract attention!
Welcome to the MV world.:yo:
Welcome to the forum.
welcome mate...yes MV will gather ppl around real quick!
Everyone loves this bike!
Welcome. You my friend are now hooked! One you drink the kool-aid.............
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