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In a previous thread, I had blinkers on and battery drain issue that was resolved with a new SPU on my 06 910S (Euro2 model I believe). Everything has been good for about a year, and all of sudden headlight started flickering and turns off intermittently during ride. In the beginning I can cycle through high beam and back to turn low beam on again. Over the past month, this workaround is no longer effective, low beam turns on for a max 15 sec, even after cycling high beam.

I replaced the HID ballast (thinking that may be the problem) with a new HID system (incl buld), and that didn't fix it.

Could SPU be bad again? (for sure the one I replaced with does not have blue backing, so it's not a new old stock).

btw: I searched, but this problem doesn't seem to be common with bad SPU (normally problems are headlight or blinkers staying on w/o key). I am also not experiencing exceptional battery drain like previously with bad SPU

Any guidance are appreciated. I am at the point to install a relay to bypass the stupid SPU bc I'm tired of riding with high beam on..

Thx for your time in advance..
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