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I'm expecting a package. I moved from my apartment, back to the rents house in the middle of a transaction that's been goin on for awhile (thing I bought was backordered).

Online it says "undeliverable as addressed". 292741

I think the addy's somehow got confused and they ended up using my rents street addy, with the apt city and zip code as I was at my apt when I ordered it, but now reside at my rents house. The only way I can see it's "undeliverable as addressed" and is at that post office (there's another PO closer to my rents house), is if my rents street addy was used, and the city/zip of my apt was used.

Granted, they're in the same city, just a different suburb. Actually it's stupid, it's 15 minutes away, about 7.5 miles from my rents house to the apt. Literally, the median in the road splits the two suburbs and zip codes. The post office it's at is a mile from the apt, about 6 from my parents house. It's that stupid.

Will I be able to pick up the package at the post office early Tuesday morning if i have the tracking number??? Or will it get returned to sender and I have to wait for the person to resend it?

I tell ya what....the post office is really jacked right now. I took a postal exam in August, and just now got a job offer. Which is normally how long it takes. What's fucked is that the job offer also had an interview appointment. I recieved the package/offer THE DAY AFTER THE INTERVIEW APPOINTMENT! How ironic is it that I'm to get a job at the post office, yet, they deliver the job offer a day late? Meh...

Anyways, anybody know the answer?
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