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Yea it's an odd one - I placed a bit of tape to help me visualize where it was catching

The only idea I had was maybe trying to heat the bottom of the pan and bend it inwards (I imagine mine is deformed and pushed outwards over time). If I push with my hand the side of the pan inwards whilst I bring up the stand it doesn't catch hence my thinking

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Your belly pan catches where mine did, I did read somewhere that putting in some washes in the right place will give it some clearance?
I have seen others catch in the same place too.

I just got my painter to shape it a bit(think he used heat the same as your idea) before he repainted it, looks good and I don't think anyone would notice, I can't tell.
This is mine now. Although maybe not the best pics because the light makes it look uneven and it is even and neat.
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21 - 23 of 23 Posts