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the topic in this link is bringing a product to the consumer , that will bring the internet to the living room tv . i have some inside info on the future of voip an changes coming to the ip back bone net work <the internet > . a major tech leap forward is coming in this sector , an the net will be on tied into everything u touch from ur bath room to the family room tv soon .

talking to micro soft or any game maker who makes a game related to any forum' s u have built , will tie ur forum to the game an the family room tv . a link built into the game will bring u to this site instead of a server in the game sites server . they will ba happy to pass the bandwith traffic off to u an use what they have for the online game experience .

they want more comfortable interaction with the users ie forums or chat room s but its traffic that is not of any use to them . link it to u .

if it works i want 10 percent
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