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headlight modulator

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anyone has it?

thinking about getting one.
you can see it here, just ff to one minute
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I'm of the opinion that a flashing headlight is a seriously bad idea. It can be misinterpreted.
hmm, even if that fast?
it does provide more visibility though

but yeah, i am still on the fence about it. might upset cars at a traffic light too
Silly, I have no idea why you'd want to do this. We all know it's not that safe out there, but really...
Just ride with brights if you want to be more visible. Save the money and buy a bright helmet.
Headlight Modulator

Hi Saftie: Yes, I have one, its on my MY2010, 10090RR. Made by the same company as in the YouTube video, Signal Dynamics.

I installed it 3 years ago, and have since rolled over 10,000 miles on the bike, with zero problems. It is feature rich and simple to engage/disengage without having to add a remote switch.

Signal Dynamics used to make the device as a 'universal fit' now it is only Plug & Play. Simply clip off the molded on plug, or purchase the universal adapter harness. I buried the device on my bike along side the headstock and kept the wiring neat and invisible between the headlight housing and the upper fork 'ears'. Download the installation instructions from Signal Dynamics for a superb wiring diagram.

A also recommend their excellent Back Off brake light modulator. It also is tiny and tucks in near the taillight.

Photo attached show the simple home made bracket to tuck the daylight sensor under the instrument cluster.

Usual disclaimer; simply a 'silly' safety minded customer of Signal Dynamics, no business relationship.



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yeah, i always put the back-off brake modulators on my bikes. never saw one for headlights though.
you are saying there is an easy way to turn it and and off?
Is that really legal in US?
Here in Europe you will be charged a high sum of money for anything like that - and walk home with your bike confiscated......
Yes, it's legal but I read where riders recommend having the print out on you. It is not known to all cops
That brake light setup is not legal and sure the headlight would be the same here in Vic, Australia.
I am also of the opinion that this is just plain silly. Riders have enough to contend with without aggravating others with flashing lights. Getting towards the area of 'ridiculous pimped up cars that look like mobile discos'.
somewhere I have the letter saying its 50 State legal

trains in the US have the same idea......but I think they move the light not modulate it

your brain will react to a varying/moving thing way faster than a steady thing

why do hunting people/animals hold still? same reason, the ones that didn't learn that, dropped out of the gene pool
I knew someone who decided to put strobes on his bike after he got hit by a car. now that, i am sure, is not legal.
here is the link to the letter you were talking about:
Off / On function

yeah, i always put the back-off brake modulators on my bikes. never saw one for headlights though.
you are saying there is an easy way to turn it and and off?
Yes, to stop the pulsing, use the hi/low button. If the device 'sees' a switch from low beam to high beam and back to low beam, all in under 2 seconds, it will stop modulating. Repeating the sequence will return to pulsing.

Going into a tunnel during daylight will promptly cancel modulation and upon exiting the tunnel, if previously pulsing, the modulation will resume.

Using the headlight 'hi beam flasher' button will not cause the modulation to reverse state.

thanks DC.
yes, read about that. where did you put the sensor?

Hi Saftie, it is readily seen in photo two, in my original posting. The sensor is about 6 mm in diameter, and is fastened below the instrument cluster and above the upper yoke. In photo two, you can see the left side of the handle bar clamp, part of the handle bar, and the lower edge of the instrument cluster.

ah ok. thanks much.
yes, i am not good with close ups.

i will give this a thought once i have the modulator. found an unused one for cheap on eB.
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