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One of my Winter 'round to it' jobs was completed this week and whilst I'm sure much has been said about Brutale Headlights before I thought I would share my 'insurance job' that will hopefully prevent my glass parting company with the shell.
First I removed headlight and discovered that it is not the original unit the bike left the factory with. My bike was built in 07.


Ouch! saw the price and decided I definitely needed that insurance so next I cleaned the shell and masked up the groove between glass and shell following which I roughed up the plastic in the groove with some coarse emery.


After cleaning with alcohol swabs I piped in a bead of Sikaflex 252 and radiused it with a suitable shaped 'tool' - actually it was the handle of an old paint brush. Cleaned away excess and waited for Sika to cure.


And finally I attached the headlight protector - not pretty i agree but a $1600 hole in the bank balance caused by an errant stone isn't pretty either!


The replacement headlight unit on my bike is dated November 2010, presumably that refers to the manufacture date? That now has me wondering, do the later units still fall apart or was it a worthwhile exercise?

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Nicely done !
My 2008 Brutale headlight is "as delivered" and over 24k miles. I think they figured out the adhesive part a while ago. That said, better safe than sorry!
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