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Less than a week with the bike and I still can't ride it!

Long story short, purchased bike -- washed it, rode it for 20-minutes and afterwards, the the bike would not shut off.

I started a thread here:

Well, after letting the bike sit for a day or so, the 'engine not stopping' problem went away, but my headlight and high beams do not work. Just the little running light stays on. This occur with the bike running as well.

I read that it could be a battery issue, so I went out and bought a new Yuasa YTZ10S battery to replace the YTZ9 battery that was in there before.

I let the new battery charge overnight (11 hours) made sure my battery tender charger was in full green light mode. I went to start the bike this morning, the low beam would flash momentarily when you switch on the bike, but when you start the bike the low beam would go out.

At this point neither the low beam or the high beam works. The one thing I noticed with this new battery is that when I turn the ignition to on--when the dash is doing it's check, is that the high beam icon will flash momentarily.. This did not occur with the old battery. So there is definitely different behavior with this new battery.

I've already ordered a new SPU/CDI unit, and I have removed both bulbs and checked them--they look to be good. I checked all contacts as well as all the fuses. All look good.

All turn signals as well as the brake light works.

At this point, i've continued to let the new battery charge, as the shop recommended me charging the battery for a full 24-hours before it is optimum. I had only let it charge overnight prior.

Is there anything else I can check before the new SPU/CDI unit arrives? I'm thinking of buying new bulbs "just in case."

All help appreciated -- I've owned many bikes, most recently sold my trouble-free Aprilia SXV to get this Brutale, and I am desperate to ride it!

Thanks in advance!

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