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Motorcyclists today are faced with a dizzying set of choices. At Harley Davidson we keep it simple, just like our riders.

Others manufacturers offer all sorts of sophisticated technologies but for us, race-mode traction control is a waste of hard earned cash. Cash that can be better spent on things that really make a difference. Things like fringe, chrome kickstands or skull-shaped taillights. After all, what’s the point of putting anti-lock brakes on a motorcycle that’s perfectly capable of stopping on its own and usually for no apparent reason at all.

That’s not to say our riders don’t appreciate new technology. It just has to be the sort of technology our riders can use in the real world. And let’s face it, our riders certainly aren’t getting any younger. Kids may want to lift the front wheel but our riders can barely TURN the front wheel. For a lot of them, revving the throttle while keeping the motorcycle upright at a stop sign are just too much to do all at once.

That’s why Harley Davidson is announcing the introduction of our new

Titanium-Reinforced, Automatically-Interactive Non-Intrusive Navigational Guidance Wheels or


Shaped to look like wheelie bars found on motorcycles that can actually exceed the national speed limit, TRAINING Wheels extend back and out from the rear axle and allow the rider to stay upright while he’s trying to remember what day it is or where he was going.

Once the motorcycle’s speed drops below three miles an hour - or six miles per hour in fourth gear and above - the TRAINING Wheels automatically deploy, keeping the motorcycle upright without any need for the rider to put his feet on the ground when stopping or when he encounters terrifying road hazards such as curves.

And for the truly discriminating rider, there’s TRAINING Wheels PLUS which incorporates our standard TRAINING Wheels AND advanced throttle control technology.

No need to worry about speeding tickets with TRAINING Wheels PLUS, not even in School Zones! There’s NEVER any excessive application of throttle – because there’s no throttle at all. Just idle along and wave to all your friends.

With TRAINING Wheels and TRAINING Wheels PLUS, you’ll never need to worry about tipping over ever again!!!!

TRAINING Wheels and TRAINING Wheels PLUS. Available in chrome or chrome.

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That is the best! Is there a chrome with skulls option?
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