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Sorry to hear of your loss and the tough times recently. One thing is for sure, love goes on, memories live strong and our experiences make us who we are... Therefore you will bounce back even stronger. In a years time, you'll be pleased with your progress and dare I say maybe starting to consider the next bike.... maybe not, but either way, it's in your blood. Stay well, wishing you a speedy recovery and very best wishes for the future (y)
thanks dan already looking at new bike like the dragster but to many problems and I noticed the seat height is raised on the newer bikes so would have to go for a 15 or 16 plate bike even the 1090 is higher preferably seat height for me is 780 mm would buy another 910 looked at a Benelli 1030 tre we will see need to get my left hand back in action wrist fracture still has not healed its going to take some time also looking at triumph street twin seat height is 750mm but nothing will compare to an MV when you ride an mv you are spoiled nothing else will do
61 - 63 of 63 Posts