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I'm going to sign off on the whole Trump era with two observations/predictions

1. Voter turn out
Trump's biggest legacy from his term will be the amount of people on both sides of politics he motivated to get out to vote and hopefully remain connected enough to vote again in the future. Make no mistake about the Biden presidency, he was seen as a tool to get Trump out of office. The hate Trump used to get people out to vote for him was ultimately his downfall, that same hate and division was what motivated the masses to vote him out. 62 % of the Voting Age Population is the largest voter turnout since 1960 and almost 5% more the Obamas first term in 2008 which was the largest voter turnout since 1968 at 57.1%. The sheer numbers make it an amazing achievement. Almost 160 million people voted in 2020 compared to 62 million in 1960. It is actually an amazing achievement that Biden cannot take credit for. I guess hate is a great motivator.

2. Ending hyper-partisanship
For Trump's final act (although unwittingly) his behaviour/actions to usurp democracy should have him found guilty in his 2nd impeachment finally ending the Democrat/Republican hyper-partisanship (tribalism) that has been the stale mate for two decades now. Hopefully that it just the beginning and there is less partisanship moving forward for the good of the country and its people.

9801 - 9810 of 9810 Posts