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greetings new guy here

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Hello new peep here picked up a Rivale last week, got over 400 miles on her already and love the bike. Not new to bikes I have an RSV4 Factory as well which does dual duty as a track bike.

here are few pics of the new girl. Anyboy else here have one?


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Welcome to the family......Give us a personal review of your new girl after you have her broken in. I hear they are a lot of fun to ride!!
Where are you located on this small blue planet?
Nice looking bike. Welcome to the forum, a world of information, help and crazy obsessive MV owners!!

Nice! Congrats new guy. Did your dealer indicate when the ABS versions will arrive?
greetings guys. I'm located in South Florida.

As far as ABS he said that they expect the next batch to come with it. He said some have already shipped for me ABS was not something i wanted to wait for not a big fan of ABS...

thanks for the warm welcome.

I'll post up some of the mods that I have done to the old girl already. Ordered an exhaust for her but have to wait three weeks for it to arrive. Changed out the bars for a carbon fiber unit and I'm working on removing that fugly tag holder...
Welcome! That is nice about MV Agusta these days; there is a new model and you can actually get your hands on one :)
Welcome Snow!
That´s right, the only thing I would like being changed on that bike is the tag holder. Everything else rocks!!
Welcome,give us some feedback on this bike,your thoughts,as I am interested in one,will not part with my brutale 1078rr.
I love the bike even took it to the track recently just to get a better feel for her. I would not say she is a track weapon by any means but she is well up to the task. Here is a pic of her I was instructing in the Novice class at Barber and gave my Aprilia a rest LOL


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