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Went for a ride with a friend last Sunday, in my problem-solved-overheating-issue F4. Great corners and great weather! Felt more confident in the handling just because I didn´t have to check the temps all the time, but still need a little set up in the forks or damper, to give me more feel in the entrance of the corners.

His Z750 was a bit too slow for my pace, but was I think it was not the bike that was slow....

A little stretch admiring the bikes...I mean, the views :)
trip 1 ready.jpg

The views of the traditional portuguese food restaurant were amazing! 180º in front of you, looking like that...
trip 3 ready.jpg

The fast (but slower) Z 750 here. The owners´ lower back was hurting in the end of the day. I was great. How about that?...
trip 4 ready.jpg

trip 2 ready.jpg

trip 5 ready.jpg

Had a great ride, excelent food, and good company. What else could I´ve wished for? My wife instead of the friend? Mmm...yeeeah! :naughty:
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